from Love’s Slipshod Watchman, 1996 – 2010.

Love’s Slipshod Watchman, 1996 – 2010.

Love’s Slipshod Watchman is a series spanning 14 years.  The works shown here come from the teenage years, between 14 and 18, and were made in collaboration with the subject, the artist’s daughter.  It is an examination of the inner life of one girl with the attendant issues of sexuality, conformity, beauty and body image.  The final images in the gallery show her packing to leave home and start university.

Works from Love’s Slipshod Watchman were shown in the Olive Cotton Award, 2007, and in The Tipping Point, See More Janes, at Depot II, Danks St, Sydney as a featured exhibition in the Head On Photo Festival 2013, along with works by Emma Phillips, Anna Warr, Fiona Wolf, Sam Heydt and Jennifer Blau.